Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday: Weekend Update

Wow, my first "Real" post! This weekend was great, Friday I went to a fun Farmer's Market with my mom and my 2 girls and we tasted delicious food! I caved in and bought some AMAZING salsa from "Diggin' Dan's". When I say AMAZING, I mean AMAZING!!! Ok, so I'm a LITTLE obsessed with salsa. I could probably live off that stuff, no joke! I mean, of course I have to have chips, but still, salsa's pretty darn good for you! (Ok, so the chips aren't, but at least the salsa is!) My mom and I also bought some homemade tamales, which I had for dinner that night WITH my amazing salsa! :)

On Saturday I had a CPR class at the gym I work at. I was really dreading it, since it was 4 hours long! But the instructor was HILARIOUS and kept us all laughing the entire time! Of course it was all serious when it came to learning CPR, but his little jokes were great!

That is about all we did, what did YOU do this weekend?

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